Annual Report 2017 - excerpt

Independent research excellence jump-started 360 new ideas in 2017 – Annual report from Independent Research Fund Denmark

Independent Research Fund Denmark has invested DKK 988 million in 360 research ideas in 2017. With an average grant sum of DKK 2.7 million the fund launched original research based on researchers’ own ideas, and with the potential of solving concrete scientific problems within a number of areas.

2017 proved to us that high quality and originality are important drivers for Danish research. The researchers have gained international foothold, they attract external financing from private foundations as well as EU research programmes.

Holders of Sapere Aude Starting Grants obtain high merits

The fund invested DKK 165 million in 29 research managers’ ground-breaking research and during the year added another DKK 43 million toward the fund’s elite venture in order to meet a record high number of applications. 

The 29 Sapere Aude Starting Grant holders in 2017 attracted particular attention due to an extraordinarily high scientific quality of the research projects and the CV’s high merits. 

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Digital Annual Report 2017 (Danish)

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15. maj 2018


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