Annual Report 2020

In 2020, Independent Research Fund Denmark funded 454 excellent new research projects, established several international collaborations and instruments, and has contributed specifically to research on sustainability. Researchers applied for a little over DKK 13 billion – the highest amount in over 10 years, which also has led to a debate about the success rates of independent research.

In the first pages of the annual report, you can get an overview of the Fund’s instruments during 2020 and read my report on a year of science, collaboration and excellence. At the back of the annual report you will find the section ”Independent Research Fund Denmark in figures”, where you can read about the Fund’s instruments, applications and grants, success rates, data on applicants and much more. In the middle section, you will find three thematic articles about research as an ecosystem, what characterizes Danish excellence research, and how the Fund support diverse research in the green transition. I

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01. juni 2021


Independent Research Fund Denmark

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