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End of extraordinary Covid-19 initiatives

In 2020 and 2021, Independent Research Fund Denmark introduced a number of extraordinary initiatives in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, including relaxed requirements for budget signatures in applications as well as an offer for grant holders of automatic project extensions. Starting now, these extraordinary initiatives will no longer apply.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Independent Research Fund Denmark introduced a number of extraordinary and temporary initiatives. Beginning on July 1, 2021, these initiatives no longer apply.

Requirement for budget signatures and stamps
During the Covid-19 pandemic, many have been encouraged to work from home to the furthest extent possible. Consequently, Independent Research Fund Denmark temporarily and extraordinarily relaxed the requirements for signatures and stamps in budget templates. Most recently, the fund relaxed its requirements in the period from March 24 to March 26, 2021.

The agreement on reopening of May 21, 2021 (‘Aftale om udmøntning af genåbning pr. 21. maj 2021’) presents a plan for the gradual normalisation of physical workplace attendance for employees. During phase 3, beginning on 1 August 2021, it is expected that 100 percent physical workplace attendance will be possible.

The planned normalisation means that Independent Research Fund Denmark will no longer operate with relaxed application requirements. Applicants to the fund’s instruments are therefore expected to comply with all the requirements that are listed in the specific call for proposals.

Project extensions once again require a change request via e-grant
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, researchers have been limited in their ability to conduct their work at research institutions, participate in conferences, carry out fieldwork, etc.

Recognising that these circumstances may present obstacles for the completion of research projects within the originally planned project period, Independent Research Fund Denmark decided to implement a general approval of budget-neutral one-year project extensions for all ongoing Sapere Aude: DFF-Starting Grant, DFF-Research Project1 and DFF-Research Project2grants. The only requirement for these project extensions has been that grant holders informed the secretariat.

This extraordinary initiative no longer applies. If a project extension is required, grant holders must make a change request via e-grant, which will subsequently need approval from the relevant research council.

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July 07, 2021