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Independent Research Fund Denmark post call for proposals on Green Transition 2021

Independent Research Fund Denmark publishes call for proposals on thematic research: Green Transition 2021. 308.2 million kroner will help promote green ideas. Researchers can apply until June third 2021 12:00 CET.

Call for proposals on thematic research – Green Transition 2021 (pdf)

Scientist can apply for 308.2 million kroner to fund original ideas, which contribute to the green transition.

Scientist can apply within and across all research fields that can contribute in different ways to the green transition.

The funds can be applied for within amount limits and requirements in DFF-Research Project 1 (thematic) and DFF-Research Project 2 (thematic), which are already well-known instruments in Independent Research Fund Denmark.

In addition, it will again be possible to apply for DFF-Research Project 3, (thematic) which has up to five years duration and grants between 4.300.000-8.300.000 without overhead.

Application forms in e-grant are expected to be available from April 17. 2021. Application must be uploaded in the application system no later than Thursday June 3. 2021 at 12.00 CET. 

For more information, please contact:

Chairman of the Board, Maja Horst, phone.+45 35 32 88 53, E-mail:

Area manager Lisbeth Eilersgaard Christensen, phone. 72 31 84 17, e-mail:

Press consultant Karen Marie Bjørnstrup Vølund, phone. 72 31 89 31, e-mail: 


March 03, 2021