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Revised Call for Proposals – Independent Research Autumn 2022 and Spring 2023 (Character count)

DFF has made a minor revision of the call for proposals – Independent Research. DFF has clarified how the number of characters in the ”Project description” and the ”Applicant’s CV” is counted in e-grant.

Find the revised call for proposals for Autumn 2022 & Spring 2023

As various text-editor programs use different methods for counting the number of characters, DFF recommends using the e-grant system to verify that the number of characters in your application is within the permitted number. DFF will always use the number of characters stemming from the e-grant system in the decision of whether a document fulfils the requirements or not. In this regard, DFF recommends that you, as the applicant, continuously generate a PDF-file of your CV and project description and upload these documents to the application. Alternatively, you can make use of e-grant’s counting tool without needing to create and navigate through an application. Please see section 4.3 in the call for more information.

Please note, DFF will reject applications that exceed the permitted number of pages or characters in the project description and the applicant’s CV in accordance with section 5.1 in the call. Hence, you will not be able to upload a revised document to DFF if the document exceeds the permitted requirements when the deadline expires.

Læs det reviderede opslag af frie forskningsmidler for efteråret 2022 og foråret 2023 på dansk

August 08, 2022